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Shock Me
I can see
The odds are not stacked in your favor
Can you be
Bolder, nicer, cuter, braver?
Watching you
I can see you'll fit into my plans
So rock me if you can

I haven't seen enough
It's time to strut your stuff

I think of all the things that you could be and still can't see
I know the things I want may not be what you want to be
It may not seem like this is fair
This ain't a game of truth or dare
Come on and show me what you brought me here to see

You canít see
All the ways that I can teach you
I can be
Older, wiser, stronger, safer
Reach inside
Pull out everything that I demand
And shock me if you can

Don't hold anything back
You've only got one chance

Shot in the Arm

Age of Intent
"I got an idea, an idea so smart my head would explode if I even began to know what I was talking about."