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Shock Me
I can see
The odds are not stacked in your favor
Can you be
Bolder, nicer, cuter, braver?
Watching you
I can see you'll fit into my plans
So rock me if you can

I haven't seen enough
It's time to strut your stuff

I think of all the things that you could be and still can't see
I know the things I want may not be what you want to be
It may not seem like this is fair
This ain't a game of truth or dare
Come on and show me what you brought me here to see

You canít see
All the ways that I can teach you
I can be
Older, wiser, stronger, safer
Reach inside
Pull out everything that I demand
And shock me if you can

Don't hold anything back
You've only got one chance


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"Are you a confused adolescent desperately seeking acceptance from an undifferentiated ego mass that demands conformity? "