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Don't Look Down
I've got a million questions why
You came into my life
All I know is that you changed my heart, yeah
I saw you in my head,
Thoughts chased me every day
Now your face is etched in mind

Come with me
And then you'll see that

I am falling
To you reaching
For your hands to hold onto
I look down and
See you smiling
Knowing we will never hit the ground

Even after all this time
We've made it to this point
I know that the best is coming
So many reasons I fell in love with you
And I'm so proud to call you mine

Look at me
Can you see
My heart's in your hands

She said don't look down and you'll be all right
Just look around and breathe the air tonight
When you hear my call, you know you'll see it all
Take a chance on me, we'll both be free

Now we're falling
Spinning downward
Don't let go or I'll hit the ground

I know we will never hit the ground

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