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It Ends Right Now
You canít believe how good it feels
To get behind the wheel of the car
Going to meet my girl
Leaving the past where I was shackled by
All my doubts and fears
Right into your arms

You just appeared before my face
An angel dressed in jeans and heels
Sent to change my world
I donít know what I said or what you saw
That made you want to stay
And me to be your man

Solitude and emptiness, it ends right now
Iím not alone, all by myself, in the crowd

All the guys are wishing they were in my place
Here with you instead of
Where they are today
From my first glance upon your lovely face
I found myself falling
Victim to your charms

Now that you are here with me
Itís the way that it should be
No one can take you from me
I donít have to lie anymore
Why should I hide it anymore?

Destiny is calling me, just come along
Just come along
Accompanied and completed
With you by my side


Shot in the Arm
"I don't take coupons from giant chickens-- not after last time. "