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Rise Up
I know it feels you're going this alone
You ask yourself why resentment is what's hardened in their bones.
It's not so bad when you have nothing else to lose
No more, no more, what's still worth fighting for?

No matter what you say
No matter what you do
They'll find another way
To make it harder for you.
Don't let go, your finest time will debut.
Let's find a better way
To rise up and just be you.

Smile for me brother you are not alone.
We stand here as one, tattered now, but stronger we have grown.
But from my point of view, you've got something to lose
No more, no more, it's all worth fighting for.

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Age of Intent
"Well, we promised Lois we'd use our powers responsibly, but I suppose doing the exact opposite couldn't hurt. "