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One Disgrace
Just tell me
Everything you want from me, baby.
Let me breathe
And throw it back again for you to see.
You're pleading, I'm leaving
It's all too deceiving.
Just maybe
You'll notice when I've lost it all.

Take away what I need to make it, this
One disgrace after every other thing I try,
What you've put inside my head is gone.
I'm not enough.

It's wasted
All the years I've spent taking it in.
I've laid still
Dreaming of a life that could have been.
I know you don't get it
Don't be sympathetic.
And maybe
I'll fade away, you'll never see me again.

I'll break away from the expectations,
I'll be replaced, but I'll never lose a
Single stride, every time you've lied
Won't pull me down
It's not enough.

Shot in the Arm

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