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She's gone now and it's been too long
I didn't think that I was wrong
But she's come back to haunt my dreams
Feels like I'm splitting at the seams
My life was taking over
Thought she would run for cover
Never thought that I'd discover
Just what she'd become

I can't believe it's me
Feels like my eyes are burning
Running, I cannot see
Anything that's right within me
I know she still exists inside me
For all time

I see her when I sleep at night
She blacks out any source of light
Hear me calling out her name
When I'm alone I feel the same
She's always standing there
She's always in my head
If I don't get her out
I'll just go crazy

I'm going crazy

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Age of Intent
"I'm not drunk! I just have speech impediment... and a stomach virus... and an inner ear infection. "