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Got no money, have a lousy car
I love to sing, I play a mean guitar
The girl I date, her old man’s a jerk
I try to please him, but it don’t work
Meeting her outside her house
I hope she wears that sexy blouse
We better not get caught this time
Her old man finds out, then it’s a crime

And now we’re busted...

Come play with me tonight
Whether it is wrong or right
We’ll have lots of fun
Baby ‘cause you’re the one

We’re in the car, we’re talkin’ up a storm
I lean the wrong way and I hit the horn
Just as things were going great
I see her dad coming through the gate
Do we hang or do we run?
What’s in his hand, is that a gun?
I look at her and she at me
Do we stay or do we flee?

Run away with me tonight
I’ll make sure everything’s all right
You never should have trusted
That baby, oh baby, we wouldn’t get busted


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"What am I supposed to do with all my great ideas? Put 'em in a tub and clean myself with them? That's what soap is for, Lois. "