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Side Dish is Ryan Sanders (vocals/guitar), Erik Vorkink (trumpet/guitar/vox), Kevin Vorkink (bass), Ryan Palmer (trombone/vox), and The Rob (drums).

The past couple years have seeen Side Dish going strong, doing part of a tour with Zebrahead, as well as shows with Reel Big Fish, Army of Freshmen, Monty, Streetlight Manifesto, I Hate Kate, Big D & The Kids Table, The Epoxies, and many more, including the 2005 Vans Warped Tour.

Side Dish's "rock with horns" style mixes powerful guitars and blaring horns to create a sonic punch in the face, and crowds are rocked by the band's energetic live show.

The band has released three albums: Truth or Dare (2004), Age of Intent (2005), and the brand new EP Shot In The Arm in 2006. All were recorded and produced by Joel Pack at Aquarius Sound. [Listen]

Side Dish is based in Orem, Utah and regularly plays shows throughout Utah, with scattered trips to Nevada, California, Colorado, and Idaho.

Age of Intent

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